My professional life during 2021 continued to involve mostly Covid-19, most of the time. It also involved other developments in health, fitness, nutrition and family life in the region. 

As editor of WNY Refresh, my primary responsibility remains the goal of providing solutions-based stories in those topic areas – produced locally and from news wire services – for readers of the Saturday print section in The Buffalo News Saturday edition. I take a similar approach to other stories I write that appear elsewhere in The News and at

The coronavirus pandemic and its impact in the region will continue to remain a focus in months to come.

I tend to focus on stories that impact and inform the greatest number of readers, as well as stories that inspire. As always, I’ve looked during the pandemic for inspirational “small-picture” stories that underline how individual behavior and experiences help inform big picture health and wellness themes.

It wasn’t easy to choose my Five Faves which run below. I considered stories on how a select group of nursing homes kept Covid away during early months of the pandemic,  vaccines blunting the Delta variant impact, the pandemic bringing researchers in the region closer together, a pregnant mom who got vaccinated and piece about my first-time role judging the NYS Craft Beer Competition (an unrelated subject, I know, but something I enjoy writing about in moderation). I would have included those as the Ten Faves.