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'Get the ring and enjoy some wings': Did NFL Network host just create a new Bills' pitch?

'Get the ring and enjoy some wings': Did NFL Network host just create a new Bills' pitch?

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jj watt Houston Texans v Cincinnati Bengals

Former Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt. (Getty Images)

Peter Schrager, one of the hosts of “Good Morning Football,” might have accidentally created a new pitch for the Buffalo Bills and their pursuit of free agents.

On Monday’s show on the NFL Network, the panel was discussing destinations for J.J. Watt, the three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year.

Schrager made the case that the Bills were the “perfect fit.”

"I love the idea of J.J. Watt with the Bills logo on his helmet contending for a Super Bowl,” he said, noting the Bills are a Day 1 Super Bowl contender. “Get the ring and enjoy some wings."

Some Bills fans – and the team’s official account – tweeted the quote and well, at a minimum, perhaps a T-shirt is born.

Before Schrager explains where that came from, we went to an expert on Bills’ T-shirts for his take.

“I like it a lot,” Del Reid, the founder of 26 Shirts, wrote in a message. “I saw it earlier today. I tend to overthink things, but maybe they need a ring first? I’m not sure. Probably has potential though. LOL.”

As for Schrager, tongue firmly in cheek, he told us about that moment of television serendipity.

“I was talking about wings, and was also talking about winning rings, and midsentence, a lightbulb went off. It was magic, truly,” he said. “I'd be lying if it wasn't dumb luck and I just spit it out on air without writing anything beforehand. Will I be able to put my kids through college off the creation of this slogan? Is this how the creator of ‘Where's the Beef?’ or ‘Just Do It’ felt?”

So as Reid pointed out, wings first or ring first? That led Schrager to share his wing thoughts, including the requisite scorn for those who have ranch instead of blue cheese.

"Wings are so good,” he said. “I'm a drumstick guy, which has made me Public Enemy No. 1 in many serious 'wing communities,' but I am also a blue cheese guy and view those who opt for ranch instead as questionable – if not untrustworthy – characters,” Schrager said. “I'm all for the wings before, during or after the ring, honestly. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, too.”

So will Watt, who is taking some time to review his options, end up in Buffalo?

“Honestly, I think there's a shot,” Schrager said. “If he's willing to take a bit of a discount – and I'd never insist someone ever does anything for less than his or her market value – it's a great choice that checks a lot of boxes.”

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