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Road Less Traveled Productions Kicks Off 2019 with New Patron Amenities

Road Less Traveled Productions welcomes 2019 offering new patron amenities in its newly built theater space at 456 Main Street in downtown, Buffalo. The company is excited to offer patrons a full liquor bar as well as new parking options.

RLTP has partnered with the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown to offer its patrons parking, dining, and overnight accommodation options. For guests planning to make a trip to the Road Less Traveled Theater, the following amenities are available at the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown:

  • Valet Parking: Patrons with RLTP theater tickets may take advantage of the Hilton Garden Inn’s valet parking and pay $25 to park.
  • Dining Discounts: Patrons who wish to dine at the Hilton Garden Inn Grille & Bar prior to an RLTP performance will receive a 20% dining discount (excluding alcohol) by showing proof of ticket purchase.
  • Entertainment Package: Hilton Garden Inn Downtown is pleased to offer guests overnight entertainment packages which include accommodations plus complimentary valet parking, dinner for 2 at the Garden Inn Grille & Bar, in-room champagne, and signature wine glasses (with proof of RLTP ticket purchase).

Road Less Traveled Productions’ new home continues to offer a variety of patron amenities which include; a 98-seat theater space (with comfortable stadium seating and plenty of leg room!), brand-new public bathrooms, lobby bar and box office, all which are all located on the ground-level first floor on Main Street. Plenty of parking is available including lot, ramp and street parking. The Lafayette streetcar stop is also located in front of the theater entrance. The neighborhood also includes a variety of restaurants, bars and coffee shops, all within walking distance.

The remainder of the 2018-2019 season includes:

THE ILLUSION by Tony Kushner

January 18 – February 10

From Pierre Corneille’s, L'Illusion Comique, adapted by the author of Angels in America. A beautiful story about love in all its wonderful and terrible forms. A penitent father seeks out a powerful, dark, magician to help him track down the son he nearly killed fifteen years ago. In a dark cave, Alcandre the Magician will conjure three tales from the lost son’s life for his father to witness. Tales of love, danger, and betrayal... told by shadows and illusions. In the process Alcandre shares a new understanding of the grandest illusion of all — love.


March 8 – 31

Winner of the 2015 Pulitzer Prize for Drama. Walter "Pops" Washington, a black NYPD officer, is shot while off-duty by a white cop. Eight years later, he’s wheelchair bound, trapped in legal turnaround while trying to sue the city... and somehow, he’s become a surrogate father to a handful of hard-luck kids who call his rent-controlled Riverside Drive apartment home. Now the city is playing hardball, and Pops and his kids will be evicted unless he settles his suit. With fast paced, hard-hitting humor and grit, Guirgis leads us into the rich & complex world of Pops as he must choose between justice and survival.


April 26 – May 19

Since 1967, Hank’s bar has been home to the biggest up-and-coming bands from The Clash to Nirvana in one of the roughest neighborhoods in Chicago. It’s 1992, and gentrification has hit Hank with higher-rents and new fads in fashion and music. If Hank's to save his bar, he may have to let his daughter turn it in to a Rave nightclub where music is spun by DJ’s instead of being played by musicians. Hank would rather die, but is he willing to let his life’s work die, too?

The Road Less Traveled Theater opens 30 minutes prior to performances. Tickets can be purchase by phone at (716) 629-3069 or online at