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Let Room to Spare Jump-start Your Spring Plans

Spring has a way of energizing us. Plans and intentions hatched through the winter for remodeling, downsizing, moving or just old-fashioned spring cleaning finally have a chance to be realized.

What many of us don’t consider is where we’re going to put all the “stuff” occupying our project space. “Lack of space is probably the biggest obstacle to people following through on their plans,” says Wendy Merkle, owner of Room to Spare Storage. “There’s no place to put anything so the project just falls apart.”

Renting a storage unit affords you the breathing room to tackle the projects you’ve planned while allowing you time to decide what to do with the items you’ve put in storage.

Consider these 4 practical uses for renting extra space:

  1. Storage for home furnishings while you downsize from the family home to a smaller place. A rental unit gives you the leeway to sort through the excess furniture and family memorabilia so that you have time to thoughtfully consider what you do and do not want to keep.
  2. A place to store furniture, pictures, toys and mementos while you stage your home for sale. Real estate professionals state that getting rid of clutter is key in preparing your home for sale. “You have to allow the prospective buyers to imagine living in your space,” says Merkle. “Most people are not visual so you have to do it for them. Clearing the closets, attic, basement and garage of clutter is critical.”
  3. For clients who have contracted to build a home and who sell their own home faster than expected, a storage unit provides room to stow furnishings in a safe, convenient place. You may have to move in with your parents, but your “stuff” won’t.
  4. Seasonal storage for items like snow blowers, shovels and Christmas decorations in summer and patio furniture, garden planters and bikes in winter.

Room to Spare is a family-owned business in East Amherst offering extras that you wouldn’t normally find at another storage facility. Since Merkle stores her own things here, all the units include a special vapor barrier (important for storing such things as vintage cars).

To save clients the aggravation of running all over town to pick up moving supplies, she stocks two different moving kits with such things as wardrobe and dish ware boxes, tape and bubble wrap. The facility also offers a free rental truck (with automatic transmission) loaded with all the things that other rental companies charge extra for, such as an appliance dolly, a ramp, and moving pads. Unlike other companies, there’s no additional charge for weekends.

“Because I’m the owner/manager and I store my own stuff here, there’s a different level of care,” says Merkle.

Spring is fast approaching. Don’t procrastinate! Get started on your plans today. Stop by Room to Spare at 7545 Transit Road in East Amherst from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Visit online at or call 716-636-4620 for more information.