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Four Great Reasons To Go See Stellaluna This Spring At Theatre of Youth

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, the race is on to find an activity that’s unique, engaging and fun for the whole family. While a picnic in the park is nice, sometimes the weather doesn’t hold up. A dinner out is always a good option, but why not go and enjoy Stellaluna at Theatre of Youth, a heartwarming story about family that looks at the relationship between mother and baby bat Stellaluna, which comes just in time for Mother’s Day!

Find out why it’s such a great show for all ages.

  1. It’s a coming-of-age story.

Theatregoers young and old can relate to this wonderful story about growing up and being true to yourself. At some point in our lives, we all ask ourselves, ‘Who am I?’ Stellaluna the bat grapples with that very question from the start of the story. When she falls from her mother’s arms into a bird’s nest, the momma bird adopts her – under one condition: Stellaluna must act like a little bird. The baby bat doesn’t feel right, but does as she’s told.

  1. The story teaches us to celebrate our differences.

Stellaluna hides her true nature until she happens to come across some other bats. She realizes who she truly is, but worries that her new siblings will never understand her.

In such a divisive time in our country’s history, Stellaluna teaches us about the value of family, friendship, acceptance, appreciation for diversity and love. The little bat soon realizes that she doesn’t have to change herself to be friends with the birds!

  1. The adapted play will be nostalgic for adults.

Any adult who grew up reading the book by Janell Cannon to their children, or had the book read to them, will experience the delightful sense of nostalgia and the story coming to life on stage, said Theatre of Youth’s Artistic Director Meg Quinn.

  1. Stellaluna will stimulate meaningful family discussions.

It can be tough to have challenging conversations with your kids, but fun productions like the story of Stellaluna touch on difficult topics in a painless way. Quinn says, “For the family, there is an opportunity to open conversation. What if I got lost? What if I don't want to do things other people tell me to do? How should I treat people who are different than me? Can I be friends with people who are unusual? What can I do when I feel different or like I don't belong?”

Start the discussion during the Talk-Back session with the cast after the show, in the car ride home or before bed.

Above all, Stellaluna is a story of a mother’s enduring love, despite the odds, making it a perfect Mother’s Day activity.

The show runs Saturdays and Sundays, from May 5-June 2 with seven matinees and a morning sensory-friendly performance on May 20. It is recommended for ages 4 and up. Tickets start at $15 and can be purchased online at Theatre of Youth’s website or by calling (716) 884-4400. To find out more information about the Theatre of Youth, visit