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9 Careers to Consider in the Automotive Industry

Automobile dealerships can’t survive without expert mechanics and a dedicated sales staff, but they offer several other employment options for people looking for careers that are both interesting and challenging.

According to Terri Alverson, human resources director at Northtown Automotive in Upstate New York, there is a wide range of opportunities with the company that don’t involve selling or repairing cars and trucks.

“People think if you work for a dealership, you either sell cars or fix cars,” she says. “We have over 40 unique positions.”

Here are just 9 of the jobs available at Northtown Automotive:

  1. Auto service technicians

Auto service technicians are responsible for inspecting, maintaining and repairing vehicles that are brought into the dealership for regularly scheduled maintenance or an unexpected problem. In other words, they ensure every customer’s vehicle is upheld to the highest safety standards – a vital job that helps all Northtown Automotive customers stay safe on the road. Northtown also is home to cutting-edge technology and heated shop floors – a huge benefit when working during the cold New York winters.

  1. Sales representatives

Sales representatives usually are the first faces that buyers see when they enter the dealership. They help customers find the perfect new vehicle and offer a wealth of knowledge about all current models and technology offered by the dealer. They also are responsible for conducting test drives, and knowing the financing and leasing options offered by Northtown Automotive.

  1. Auto detailers

Auto detailers make sure every vehicle sold is in pristine condition when the customer picks it up, and they also wash cars and trucks that are brought in for service. Alverson points out that hard work pays off for auto detailers.

“We pay a flat rate per job, so if you’re good at it, you can make more money than just the hourly rate,” Alverson shares. “For instance, you can work eight hours and earn 12 hours worth of pay.”

  1. Team service advisors

Team service advisors are the first people you see when you bring your car to the dealership for service. They’ll find out exactly what’s wrong with your vehicle and let you know what needs to be done and how much the repairs will cost.

“They are the front line, greeting customers and finding out what they need,” Alverson says. “All they need to be hired are excellent customer service skills. We train them and teach them everything they need to know.”

  1. Bookkeepers

Bookkeepers handle accounts payable and accounts receivable, process vehicle deals and calculate commissions. Alverson says to be hired, they need an associate degree in accounting or similar bookkeeping experience.

  1. Customer service reps

These employees work in the call center, taking incoming calls from potential vehicle buyers, collecting leads from the dealership’s website, emailing potential customers and setting up appointments for them to visit the dealership. They need excellent customer service skills and a pleasant phone voice.

  1. Parts salesmen

Parts salesmen are responsible for finding the right part for customers, special ordering the item, if necessary, and providing parts so the technicians can do their job.

  1. Finance managers

These employees work with customers to find the best financing rates and lease options. They also talk with car and truck buyers about services such as extended warranties and rust protection.

  1. Title clerks

Title clerks process the paperwork that’s required whenever a car or truck is sold, including the title and registration.

Alverson points out that all these jobs offer benefits such as great pay, flexible hours, a family friendly environment, 401(k) program, paid training, world-class facilities and health insurance, including dental coverage. She says Northtown Automotive also provides professional development, especially for technicians, who sometimes travel to be trained by automobile manufacturers.


She adds that the automotive industry “is unlike any other.”

“I want to be here because of the energy. It’s different every day. The people who work in the industry are energetic go-getters. It’s a fun environment,” she says.

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