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5 Ways Group Fitness Classes Make Working Out More Enjoyable

The year 2018 is in full swing, and if you have no choice but to sheepishly admit you aren’t sticking to an exercise plan, you aren’t alone. But what if there was a way to, as they say, get back on the wagon and have a lot of fun doing it? If you’re struggling to enjoy exercise, group fitness classes might be the answer.

Here are 5 reasons to try out a group fitness class today:

  1. There are several options to suit what you want.

Do you run every morning, but you could use some weight training? Or perhaps you’re regularly stressed out and yoga sounds appealing. Whatever your current fitness goals might be, there’s a class that will suit your fitness goals.

Crunch Fitness is widely renowned as an industry leader in group fitness, by designing a wide variety of classes that are exclusive to members at Crunch. Crunch incorporates both the typical equipment found in the gym, along with the latest innovations in the fitness world to offer classes that are unique, engaging and most importantly fun!   According to Bianca Privitera, the Regional Group Fitness Manager for Crunch Fitness, you will look forward going to the gym, instead of dreading your workout.

“All of our classes are fun, safe, accessible and effective,” she says.

Crunch Fitness also partners with TRX and recently launched a class at all their Buffalo locations called Bodyweb with TRX, which uses the TRX Suspension Trainer, which is currently a very hot trend in fitness.

“Many times, TRX is private and requires a personal trainer, which means that the gym may charge an extra fee when working with the straps,” she notes. “But at Crunch Fitness, we make this equipment available to our members by offering it as a group fitness class taught by certified instructors.”


  1. You become part of a supportive community

The great thing about working out with a group is that everyone is welcome, no matter their fitness level, age or physical condition. Group fitness participants get to know one another and form a bond that not only helps you stay on track with your goals but also brings people together that otherwise may not have connected.

“Our policy is no judgments,” Privitera points out. “Everyone is welcome, no matter what your current level of fitness is, or what your goals might be. We’re here to help and support you.”

  1. Classes change frequently, so you’re always challenged.

If you’re the type to get frustrated with repetition, you’ll enjoy classes that change periodically and keep you challenged. At Crunch Fitness, options switch out quarterly - for example, a “Beach Body” class will be offered this spring to help folks prepare for swimsuit season.

  1. You’ll learn from dynamic instructors.

The key to any great class is a great instructor who is properly trained and educated to lead and inspire participants. At Crunch Fitness, only the best instructors with the highest qualifications are selected to teach classes, and they all bring their unique flair to the workout.

“We hire rock stars,” says Privitera with a smile. “We want our instructors to have great personalities as well as the skills to work well with all kinds of people.”

  1. You’ll make new friends.

Another obvious benefit to attending group fitness classes is the opportunity to make new friends. At Crunch Fitness, Privitera and her staff work hard to create a friendly atmosphere.

Privitera looks forward to hosting social events quarterly; giving members the chance to meet, inspire each other and share success stories and most importantly have fun.

Crunch Fitness offers a large variety of group exercise classes. To sign up for a group fitness class visit or call (716)-681-7535.