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Letter: Time for Collins to meet with his real constituents

Letter: Time for Collins to meet with his real constituents

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Time for Collins to meet with his real constituents

Rep. Chris Collins appeared on a televised “town hall” on CNN and at least he was not a complete ogre! He said his mother-in-law had used Meals on Wheels and he would not support any cuts to it. He has also said he supports heat assistance money. So far so good. But when he told the CNN folks that President Trump is doing exactly what he promised while running, I did a double take!

Trump is making enemies of our allies, from Australia to Great Britain to Germany. He is wiping out regulations that protect consumers, workers and our environment. Trump promised health care for everyone that would be cheaper and better.

In the meantime, Collins is pulling a divide-and-conquer trick on health care. His amendment would “save” property taxpayers but it would simply pass the bill to the state. Since we all pay taxes to the local and state governments, how does that help?

And then there is this. Collins calls himself a states’ rights champion, like most conservative Republicans. So how does he explain House Bill 38 that he is sponsoring? This bill, if passed into law, would mean that New York has to recognize all other state laws regarding carrying guns. And since there are at least 10 states that have no laws governing handgun carry, this would really cut into our state’s rights.

I think it would be a good thing for Collins to come out of his office and sit down with his real constituents and talk about his agenda.

Robert Snyder

Clarence Center

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