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Letter: Stop using special treatment in determining opportunities

Letter: Stop using special treatment in determining opportunities

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Continuous education, not preferences, is the way. Group mentality tears us apart. Despite calls for more forced representation for, or special programs for specific groups, highlighting differences increases resentment. Highlight sameness instead. All races, sexes, orientations and religions have equal rights. Emphasize equality, not special treatment. Base opportunities on ability and industriousness, not identity.

Preference in employment, housing, education or programs is always wrong. Remedial education and skills training are appropriate and necessary when equally open to everyone. Base employment on qualification, not group status. Housing and credit should be based on ability to pay, nothing else.

Quotas, set asides and special preference in appointments are nothing more than discrimination. Disagreeing with tactics is not prejudice. Goals are not in question, only means. There are good reasons to support all those working to better themselves with equally accessible programs. But. just as we need the best brain surgeons, it is wrong to force hiring anyone who is unqualified, no matter the job. Equally accessible training programs should be encouraged.

Educational opportunities should never end. Motivation can increase with maturity. Many criticize schools as failing. But almost always, the necessary content is provided. Problems occur when, for whatever reason, someone refuses to learn. Reasons include distrust of authority, no parental support, rebelliousness and cultural spurning of education. These are more common with youth.

As maturity improves, offer support with universally accessible skills training. This is not the same as free college for all. Promote programs as open to everyone. Help all who work for self-betterment. Assure them the chance to prove themselves.

Discriminating against the qualified must be prohibited. But for those who refuse to improve, apply tough love. This is not bigotry, it is common sense. Just treat everyone the same.

Larry Beanan


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