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Letter: Require vaccinations to get access to amenities

Letter: Require vaccinations to get access to amenities

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Those that really wanted the vaccination have for the most part accomplished their goal. We have available vaccines. Now, we must attract those who are reluctant in order to reach herd immunity, our goal. Presenting the science doesn’t seem to have worked with the entrenched avoiders, it needs some extra help. It’s really simple to accomplish, especially with the young and with Republicans. All you have to do is require people who want to attend large gatherings to have evidence (photo and shot papers) of being vaccinated.

Think about it. If people could not attend an Alabama, Green Bay or a Dallas Cowboys football game without evidence of a Covid-19 shot, I guarantee they would think seriously about getting the vaccine. If young people are not admitted to a concert without evidence of a vaccination, they would also lean towards getting the shots. If people could not go to their favorite restaurant without evidence of completing their Covid-19 shots, they would get them.

It’s so commonsense. The government requires a driver’s license to drive, all banks require that the borrower have a complete background check of their financial viability before being given a loan, every person that wants access to the majority of websites accepts cookies before given access.

In Republican states, the federal government could encourage private enterprises to ensure their customer’s safety. I’m sure there’s some federal bill that states that private businesses must do due diligence in protecting their customers or face liability and/or stiff penalties.

The president and vice-president could also allocate some funds from the Covid-19 relief bill to help defray the cost of procuring a Covid-19 card, security cost and even provide extra money to local police so they can help at large gatherings like football and basketball games to handle any unruly attendees. It won’t get 100% but it will encourage the great majority. Done deal, herd immunity.

John Brandenberger


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