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Letter: Refuting Trump’s lies when it comes to Biden

Letter: Refuting Trump’s lies when it comes to Biden

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I’d like to debunk just a few of President Trump’s frequent lies about Vice President Joe Biden’s positions on important issues. In no particular order:

Biden doesn’t want your guns and doesn’t want to eliminate the Second Amendment. He will probably outlaw assault weapons which makes sense to the great majority of Americans.

Biden doesn’t personally believe in late term abortions or abortions at any point. He believes that the restriction on abortion (in Roe v. Wade) after the first 20 weeks of pregnancy is the law and he will not impose his stricter Catholic beliefs on women. He believes discussions should continue on this subject.

Biden won’t raise taxes on anyone earning less than $400,000 per year. He simply wants millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share.

Biden does not want to defund the police. He’s never said or intimated that and he’s always backed law and order and the police.

Biden’s ideas will not ruin the economy. Actually, the economy has been ruined under Trump’s watch. Biden knows that until we get Covid-19 under control, we can’t restart the economy and we can’t send kids and teachers back to school – Biden has specific plans on how to deal with the pandemic. We will most likely suffer a quarter of a million deaths in our country before election day Nov. 3. Trump still hasn’t proposed any plans to stop this national carnage.

Biden doesn’t equate the stock market with the economy. He wants average Americans to prosper just as wealthy Americans are.

Biden is not nor has he ever been a progressive extremist. He is probably the most well positioned person in national politics to bring the parties together in compromise.

Please don’t let your belief in a political party prevent you from learning the facts.

Robert Mauger

East Aurora

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