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Letter: Public must loudly object to more liberal nonsense

Letter: Public must loudly object to more liberal nonsense

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Now many of us remember the absurd analogy that Joe Biden used on March 25th of 2021 by comparing the changes to some state voting laws to Jim Crow laws. Rather than celebrating how far the United States has come since 1965, the divider-in-chief decided to drag the country backwards with false claims and divide the country even further. The claims were so off base, that the Washington Post gave Biden four Pinocchios (the maximum allowed) for this reckless claim. And yet here we are in 2021 and has anyone heard of a single documented case of voter suppression? Anyone?

Now voting rights can be an emotional topic for some, especially for most liberals, so I will stick with facts and not opinions. Fact – 80% of African Americans support voter ID and 81% of Hispanic voters support voter ID. Speaking of identification, the last time I checked, you still needed ID to buy alcohol, board a plane, open a bank account, apply for welfare and even get a vaccine. So why on earth is it considered racist to require an ID to vote? We all know the simple answer is that it’s not racist, but this is the type of garbage that gets regurgitated by low-IQ news anchors on channels like MSNBC and CNN on a weekly basis.

At this moment HR1 (also known as, Corrupt Politicians Act) has passed through the House and is awaiting Senate approval. If approved, this bill will single handedly ruin our democracy as we know it by federalizing our elections, ban all state voter ID laws and allow for ballot harvesting, just to name a few. It’s time for patriots to make their voices heard again and resist another loaded bill that would destroy our freedoms and liberties.

Mike Wolford


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