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Letter: Mar-a-Lago raid was not to protect national security

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Despite the lengthening history of the abuse of power by the Department of Justice and FBI, many believe the armed search of former President Trump’s Secret Service protected Mar-a-Lago home was undertaken to protect national security. The evidence is accumulating that this was not the case.

New important evidence is buried in a footnote in Judge Cannon’s Order for a Special Master. According to the Order, the FBI seized about 11,000 documents in its raid and only about 100 “contained classification markings” (far fewer than on the infamous Clinton server).

Both numbers are telling. The FBI’s failure in their nine-hour raid to collect materials narrowly relevant to its warrant and instead haul out 11,000 documents suggests it was a fishing expedition. The fact that so few seized documents “contained classification markings” (under 1%) suggests the search was not about national security. This is reinforced by the FBI releasing a photograph of seized classified documents – all without Attorney General Merrick Garland or President Biden uttering so much as a public rebuke, much less initiating an investigation. Turns out the documents were safer with Trump than with the FBI.

The raid was not about national security. It was once again about “getting Trump.” This is the real threat to our democracy. No wonder 53% of Americans (according to a Rasmussen survey) believe “there is a group of politicized thugs at the top of the FBI who are using the FBI as Joe Biden‘s personal Gestapo.”

James Campbell


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