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Letter: Many reasons to turn down a constitutional convention

Letter: Many reasons to turn down a constitutional convention

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Many reasons to turn down a constitutional convention

In response to the editorial from Aug. 12, “A matter of ethics,” endorsing a constitutional convention in New York: New York State government is corrupt. I believe those chosen to run a constitutional convention will also be corrupt and will not have our best interest in mind.

Here are a few reasons to vote no to a constitutional convention.

No limits: A convention sets its own rules, hires its own staff and meets as long as it wants. It compares to giving delegates a blank check. There are no limits on what issues they could try to address or protections they could propose removing from the constitution. They even have the power to decide whether or not voters can ratify each amendment individually or if they have to vote on the whole package all at once.

Waste of money: Estimates of the costs of a convention range from tens of millions to hundreds of millions of dollars. Money that can be better spent.

Unnecessary: A convention is not the only way to change the constitution. The State Legislature can propose amendments, which the voters can then ratify. The constitution has been amended 200 times through that process.

Unaccountable: Voters already have representatives they have chosen who are accountable to us. Delegates do not have to run for re-election, so they don’t have to worry about serving the needs and priorities of the voters.

Paul Brodzik

Orchard Park

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