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Letter: Mandating Covid-19 vaccine takes away citizens’ freedom

Letter: Mandating Covid-19 vaccine takes away citizens’ freedom

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Should Covid-19 vaccination be mandatory?

This should not be a question. Administering a vaccine is a medical procedure and although a very common medical procedure, it should never be mandatory. It comes down to who owns/controls our body. I hope everyone would agree that we have the sole jurisdiction over our bodies. That would include what is put in it. We all have the right to refuse.

Thank goodness our Founding Fathers knew this and reiterated it in the Declaration of Independence when they said that we are endowed by our “Creator with certain unalienable rights … life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Our life (body/mind/spirit), our liberty (freedom to choose), our pursuit of happiness, not someone or some agency’s choice for us.

There is no doubt that vaccines have helped many people. But it is our choice whether to get one or not.

No vaccine should be mandatory. We have made the mistake to try and make them so. How did this happen?

It happened by taking our freedom for granted and not making freedom our number one priority in decision making. Who made it happen? We did. We did, because vaccines seem so good, shouldn’t everyone have one? Mandating is the same as “requiring,” but is this the same as “forcing?” Almost, but “coercion” is a better word. We may not be physically held down and given a shot but try enrolling your child in school without one. Now there’s talk about not being able to work, fly, use public transportation, go to restaurants, ball games, shopping, etc., without having a Covid-19 vaccination. What kind of freedom is that?

We know the risk factors of Covid-19 and we know the high survivability rate with no risk factors. We have the knowledge to choose.

Unfortunately, there is a great deal of fear surrounding the information on Covid-19. Fear cancels rational thought. This fear is and will be used to promote mandatory vaccination. We cannot let this happen.

Scott McKay


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