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Letter: Left-of-center media fails to do its job

Letter: Left-of-center media fails to do its job

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In the editorial section of The News on June 7 was an editorial titled "A shield for Americans." An editorial I can endorse wholeheartedly.

Our government consists of three branches:

1. Legislative (Congress) makes the law;

2. Executive (president and vice president) carries out the law;

3. Judicial (Supreme Court) interprets the law.

These branches shine the bright light on a fair and balanced press which illuminates the polices proposed and established to the scrutiny of the populace.

Today all of us need to hear the unvarnished truth of a situation, not just what sounds good. Today politicians are making decisions about not only what's popular but balancing that with what ensures the continuation of this great country of ours for our children and grandchildren.

Unfortunately, today's mainstream press is only a rubber stamp for the progressive liberal wing of the Democratic Party. A free, honest and balanced mainstream press of today is non-existent.

We need someone who will ask the important questions. How do we balance a workable green energy program with the present need of fossil fuels and not destroy an entire industry and lay off thousands of workers?

Doesn't it make sense to close the borders to illegal immigrants before we tackle the question of what we do with the 20 million already here?

Where was the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and other left of center alleged journalists when New York's Attorney General released the truth of New York State nursing home deaths?

Before anyone accuses me of McCarthyism, I would have the same level of fear if the mainstream press was unashamedly tilted to the right.

David Grzybowski


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