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Letter: Judges often get it wrong on drunk driving cases

Letter: Judges often get it wrong on drunk driving cases

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Recently I sat and wrote my memorial to my son in heaven for his 46th birthday. He was killed at the age of 17 by a drunk driver. Then I opened up my newspaper. In The Buffalo News in the briefs section, it mentioned a five-time drunken driver getting a maximum sentence of 2 1/3 to seven years for injuring a 46-year-old Niagara Falls woman. This poor woman will spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair in a nursing home with a traumatic brain injury. This man had four previous drunk driving convictions. None of these judges sent him to prison. He had received probation for his fourth DWI conviction only two weeks before he injured this woman. If that judge had given him prison time instead of a slap on the wrist - this woman would still be living her normal life as it was before he struck her. The other four judges should be ashamed of themselves. They could have stopped him before he ruined her life. They should be held accountable, but they aren’t.

If he didn’t stop by the fourth time of being caught driving drunk (and you know he did it more times when he wasn’t caught) – what made the judge think he would not drive drunk again?? I would like to commend Judge Caroline Wojtaszek for taking drunk driving seriously and imposing the maximum prison term on him. He really deserved more time, but the law doesn’t allow it. Judges really need to stop these people from driving drunk before they injure or kill people. Too many lives have been ruined by drunk drivers. I should not have to write memoriams to my son and this woman should not have had her life ruined – all because someone chose to drive drunk.

Sandra Stadnik


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