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Letter: It is wise to be prepared in this ever-changing world

Letter: It is wise to be prepared in this ever-changing world

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On May 28 a writer from Hamburg told your readers to stop worrying about Covid-19, racism, Trumpism, climate change, etc. Why? Because it will rob us of the joy we so richly deserve.

With respect, I disagree.

Twenty or so years ago we learned that our electric grid was vulnerable to hackers. We did nothing about it. Weeks ago, the Texas grid was crippled by a storm. Today, a bill to protect our national grid was nixed by Mitch McConnell.

Being blissfully ignorant has its merits, I suppose. I know lots of guys who stopped at a gin mill for a couple of boilermakers before going home. They didn’t worry about climate change.

But I’d rather be smart than buzzed. On May 27 Russian hackers tried to cripple Washington D.C. infrastructure. In months or years to come they will succeed in crippling our electric grid, probably in the depths of the winter.

What can we do? There are thousands of dead ash trees everywhere you look in Western New York. A few cords of firewood in the backyard is like money in the bank. Get some. And install a wood stove where your fireplace is. Fill some big containers full of tap water. Keep it pristine and it won’t go bad. If in doubt, four drops of household bleach will purify a gallon of water. I like to store water in empty bleach bottles.

I was a “prepper” long before that term was coined. The Boy Scouts taught me to “Be Prepared.” No need to freak out, but being prepared is good advice.

Bob Catalano


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