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Letter: Ill-conceived gun laws from the governor’s pen

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The recent letter praising appointed Gov. Kathy Hochul for signing legislation prohibiting pistol permit holders from carrying their weapons in almost all places is ill conceived. Yes it gets her political points after a horrendous incident here in Buffalo but New York State already had the most strict gun laws in the nation. What it does do is make criminals out of law-abiding citizens. For instance, if someone forgets he or she is carrying a pistol (this is easier than you think) that person gets a mandatory five-year prison sentence with a felony conviction.

Hochul has made it illegal to have your pistol in so many places that it has become easy to inadvertently break the law. A felony conviction against someone who has obeyed the law, gone through the strictest vetting possible and is not a criminal. People like Hochul always jump on the bandwagon to gain political points. They know nothing about guns, unwittingly making laws that have no affect on crime and hurt law-abiding citizens.

Another point. The Tops shooter took into consideration the fact that it would be very unlikely that anyone would be “packing heat” in a mostly Black neighborhood’s supermarket. He knew he would be safe to carry out his carnage. The reason? Historically gun control has always been about keeping guns out of the hands of Black people. No one had a gun except the security guard.

What do we do to make sure that people who use guns legitimately are not punished for the sins of others. There are virtually no crimes committed by pistol permit holders in New York State. Yet these are the people that Hochul chose to go after. This all from an appointed governor that used a horrible incident to make political points while the Buffalo community was grieving.

Spencer Lingenfelter


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