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Letter: Guns are not the problem, people are the real problem

Letter: Guns are not the problem, people are the real problem

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In 56 years of being a Second Amendment activist I have never seen such hatred for the Second Amendment of our Constitution by a political party. There is the constant cry for gun control which is such a misnomer. The truth is that guns don’t need to be controlled and the definition of the “problem’’ should be “the criminal abuse of firearms.”

Since the election of Joseph Biden violent crime has increased dramatically and the Democrats want to defund police departments. More crime and fewer cops are definitely not a good solution. Criminals are being released from prisons too early and the new bail laws let the criminals get an appearance ticket and are released. The honor system isn’t working. Violent crimes keep increasing.

The problem is too many criminals on the streets and criminals don’t obey laws, especially gun control laws. New laws on increased background checks won’t work anymore than the increased drug laws reduced the drug problems.

Think of the failure of Prohibition. This brings up the problem of legalizing marijuana.

If a person uses recreational marijuana, he may own a gun in New York. However, guns and pot don’t go together in federal law. If a person wants to buy a gun and uses pot recreationally, he has a problem. The form 4473 has a statement about marijuana uses with a yes and no box to fill out.

If the would-be buyer checks the yes box he fails the National Instant Criminal Background Check System check. If he lies and says no, he has committed perjury and can be found guilty of a federal felony with a long jail sentence. At least that is what it reads now.

Until the laws are focused on violent people, violent crimes will continue.

Budd Schroeder


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