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Letter: Gun rights argument ignores historical facts

Letter: Gun rights argument ignores historical facts

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Ahh gun rights … here we go again. Right off the bat Heller was decided incorrectly. So, the Second Amendment argument is null and void in my mind. You can’t just take the last part of the Second Amendment sentence and ignore the rest. Nor can you take a muss headed originalist view of the amendment and not take in account the events happening at the time it was written.

Britain was a threat even after the Revolution and the founders knew it. A casual paging to the year 1812 chapter of your favorite American history book will enlighten one further. The citizenry was the army, or at that time the militia. Very much unlike today with a volunteer military that uses weapons we don’t want the average citizen to have. All that said I live in the real world and understand that by in large Americans are too stupid to ever change the Second Amendment. We can just go on killing each other at a rate of 15 to 20 thousand killed and 30 to 40 thousand injured a year just so Bubba and his buddies can go living the dream of over taking the U.S. government someday.

John Carnevale


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