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Letter: Gun laws are a nice start, but more is certainly needed

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I should first point out that I am in favor of common sense gun laws. Anyone that cannot, at least from memory, state the cardinal gun safety rules has no business owning a firearm for their safety and ours.

That being said, we need to be honest about what these laws would do. They would somewhat reduce the amount of casualties suffered in these mass-shooter domestic terrorist-like attacks. However, if the attack is carried out by legal firearms, a truck full of explosives or a hijacked airplane, it will never eliminate them. The only way to do that is to address the fundamental evil that consumes a person’s heart to even be willing to commit such an act of evil.

For the past month, we have seen bragging about circumventing abortion laws to send women outside their state or smuggle pills into their state illegally to terminate their pregnancies. This shows that if someone considers something their “fundamental right,” they will ignore any law telling them otherwise. If you do not think people will learn to manufacture their own firearms or obtain them through illegal means, you are naive. “People are going to get back alley guns anyway, so we should make sure they do it safely.” Thoughts and prayers are thought of as empty words, but so is legislation that doesn’t address the heart of the matter.

We should also reduce screen time for developing kids. Watch “The Social Dilemma” documentary. Don’t give your kid a smartphone during their teen years, no matter how much they want it. Spend time with them and give them something transcendent to believe in. Finally, reach out to all despondent and isolated individuals who are lost souls and don’t exclude them from help for equity’s sake.

David Szprygada



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