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Letter: GOP is becoming irrelevant as it blindly follows Trump

Letter: GOP is becoming irrelevant as it blindly follows Trump

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It’s apparent that only one of the United States’ primary two political parties, the Democratic Party, has any intention to address issues the country currently faces – old, outdated and crumbling infrastructure, environmental, transportation, rising racism, xenophobia, hate crimes, white supremacy and the rising threats domestically to U.S. democracy among other problems.

Meanwhile, the Republican Party has become totally ineffective and irrelevant for many reasons.

First, the Republican Party should be called the Trumpublican Party as it has become nothing more than a cult still under the control and whims of former President Donald Trump.

The Republican Party does not want to spend any money for anything complaining it’s too much. If so, why don’t they have a news conference and just say the United States is broke and is about to go into default?

All the Republicans want to do is suppress Americans’ right to vote. It’s because they fear no one will vote for them. Get things actually done and people will. People respond at the ballot box if they see actual results and not just empty talk.

Finally, the Republican Party has so many people brainwashed with off the wall conspiracy theories. If Trump or any of his Republican minions announced that the mother spaceship from Mars will be landing in the Washington Mall to mark a trade deal between Mars and Earth, I think so many Trump supporters would believe it blindly without question and camp out hoping to see the Martians. Of course, no Martian spaceship is about to come.

The best thing that can happen for the United States is for the Republican Party to fade and disappear into history.

Marcus Costello


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