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Letter: Fox News host is mistaken about getting past Covid-19

Letter: Fox News host is mistaken about getting past Covid-19

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So, a well-known Fox News host (of course) is upset at President Biden mentioning the 500,000 Americans who have died in this pandemic – 400,000 during the terrible reign of Donald Trump. He says “we had that moment” and urges that we should be “moving forward.” Right.

How typical of Fox News. If it isn’t to their liking, minimize it, ignore it, but never validate the painful truth. Are there other such “moments” in history? How about the fact (oh, there it is again, fact) that more Americans have died from this “moment” than in World War I and World War II combined? How about these deaths are about 10 times as many Americans as died in the Vietnam war? How about the “moment” that we have reached 75% of all those who passed away in the 1918 pandemic, 100 years ago in America? How about how the former president totally ignored the worst medical assault on this country (golfing was far more important) in our lifetimes? Or that he disdained the use of masks and encouraged superspreader events?

And if these moments don’t give you pause, how about giving a “moment” of reverence to the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and other loved ones who died horrible deaths to Covid-19? Nope, such moments are not important to Fox News, ever. Shame and condemnation on them all.

George McNally


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