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Letter: Deny insurance claims by those who refuse vaccines

Letter: Deny insurance claims by those who refuse vaccines

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Anyone who thinks that having insurance for their car, or house, or even their health, will automatically indemnify them from any loss they might sustain, has probably never had a claim.

Insurance companies routinely dispute claims if the insured is at fault in causing the damage, or has done something to disqualify themselves from coverage. For example, if you have insurance on your house and it burns down, you don't collect if you're the one who set the fire. Or, if you intentionally cause an accident with your car, it is unlikely that your insurance company will pay for the damage.

So, I'm curious: How long will it be before health insurance companies refuse to cover the claims of those who test positive for Covid-19 when they appear at hospitals and require treatment after they have refused to be vaccinated?

While many of us believe that the assertion of "individual rights" is just a smokescreen for a misguided political statement, even if there are some for whom it is an honestly held belief, they must understand that rights come with responsibilities. As our health care system is burdened to the breaking point, and care is rationed because there are no beds for the man or woman with the heart attack or the burst appendix, shouldn't the "defender of individual rights" be told that they're on the hook for the cost of their care?

After all, why should the society they seem to care so little about bear the burden of their choice? Maybe if we put a price tag on their expression of individualism, we'll find out just how much they value it.

I suspect that, faced with tens of thousands of dollars in medical expenses as a result of their irresponsible and unsafe behavior, these "freedom fighters" will come to different conclusions. Who knows, they might even think that socialized medicine sounds pretty good to them.

Thomas Ansuini


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