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Letter: Democrats are equally to blame for this mess

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Well at least Everybody’s Column has entertainment value. On June 10 there was a letter stating Republicans must have jellyfish as role models. First off I’m a registered Independent. I would not swear loyalty to either party. They both have their misgivings because they are after all human beings, flawed and all. However this entry places all the blame on Republicans. Does this contributor actually know that Democrats have a majority in the House, a Democratic president, and a slim, yet a majority in the Senate. Evidently even with a voting advantage the Democrats have done nothing either. Maybe because most of their ideas punish law abiding citizens and are unconstitutional.

“A well regulated militia being necessary for the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” That’s what it says, I didn’t make it up. Mental illness, poor school security, a drift from religion and other reasons the contributor labels as insignificant factors to any of these tragedies must really not get out much. The two most recent accused (18 years old) both showed signs of mental instability that were missed and these events avoided. If there wasn’t access to enter the school lived would have been saved.

Ever hear of the Ten Commandments? Good rules to live by and most of the basis for our current laws are based on them. Thou shall not kill… Video games. Go ahead and play one smarty pants. One can use many methods of destruction if they are driven to do so. Crumbling of the family unit. No discipline. And not enforcing the laws we already have. Take a self exam. The Democratic DAs have lessened sentences amid rising gun violence. Yes, Democrats. Your party won’t even denounce illegal protesting at Supreme Court Justice’s homes. Shame on all that agree with that mentality. Enforce the laws we have with a severe penalty and the next guy will think twice.

Nelson Schultz

North Tonawanda


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