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Letter: Cuomo is being attacked because he poses a threat

Letter: Cuomo is being attacked because he poses a threat

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In defense of Gov. Andrew Cuomo:

• The accusations against Cuomo are a Republican smear campaign because they fear he will run for president. The hype surrounding these minor unwanted advances is a measure of how much they fear him.

• Cuomo should continue as governor of New York and run for president. Despite acting like a womanizer, he has experience and skill at running a major state. As feared, Cuomo has qualities necessary to win (see No. 1).

• If every aging politician who thought he was God’s gift to younger women abdicated, we wouldn’t have many left. At least he took no for an answer, which is more than was said for Brett Kavanaugh or Donald Trump.

• “Unprecedented” was the theme of 2020. Cuomo did a great job handling the pandemic in New York State. He took charge, kept people calm, and moved forward which all should be balanced against the current accusations. If Trump had half of Cuomo’s leadership skill, he’d still be president.

• Admittedly, the nursing home counts were a mistake, but the pandemic produced an “unprecedented” quagmire of first-time fumbling. (Trump only wanted to count the dead in blue states.)

Cuomo shows signs of learning from his mistakes. Likely he has learned to be less blatant about hitting on young women and to be less of a jerk to work with. If he does that, he will be a formidable presidential candidate indeed.

Maureen Bernas


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