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Letter: Brown’s victory was much more than just status quo

Letter: Brown’s victory was much more than just status quo

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I am responding to Rod Watson’s commentary claiming that Mayor Byron Brown’s presumed victory over Democratic nominee India Walton was a vote for the status quo. It was not a vote for status quo; it was a vote for common sense. I would also remind Watson that his own newspaper deemed Walton as “dangerously inexperienced.”

Her inexperience was not her only problem. In politics, you are often judged by the company you keep. She didn’t do herself any favors by inviting Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Cynthia Nixon to stump for her. For those unfamiliar with Ocasio-Cortez, aka AOC, she is a divisive figure in Democratic Party who, at a recent gala, donned a dress with a slogan Tax the Rich emblazoned on the back – all the while she hobnobs with the same people she rails against. And then there is Nixon. Another member of the progressives, she lost the Democratic primary for governor to Andrew Cuomo in 2018. I need not say more.

The most salient issue of this race, however, was public safety. Brown’s campaign ran an effective commercial propagating that numerous police officers would be out of work if Walton were to attain office. Walton tried to walk it back, but the die had already been cast. The fact remains that the defund the police campaign has stuck to progressives like ice on our windshields on a February morning. Until the progressives extricate themselves from that mantra, they will continue to lose elections throughout the country. That was exemplified in precincts far beyond Buffalo.

These missteps notwithstanding, she is still a young, dynamic woman who ran an impressive campaign. Betty Jean Grant said that she was an inspiration to young black girls, and I will go one further. Her ascension to the democratic nomination last June gave voice to the voiceless, and hopefully inspired other traditionally marginalized activists to take part in the process for decades to come. Unfortunately, this was not the time for change. We still have a pandemic to navigate, soaring inflation, and a crime problem out of control. Right now we need to stick with an experienced leader, or as some may prefer to call it, the status quo.

Theresa Desmond


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