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Letter: Biden presidency to date has been a complete failure

Letter: Biden presidency to date has been a complete failure

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This is not about whether you are Republican or Democrat. If you are an American, you need to wake up and see what is happening to our country. President Biden has been an abject failure. You need to look no further than what is happening at our border with Mexico and the debacle over how we withdrew from Afghanistan. Biden has spent all his time reversing everything former President Trump implemented in order to spite Trump. Trump was an egomaniac and not someone to admire, but most of his policies were sound. Trump put America first. Biden has put undocumented immigrants and his son first. Biden wants to blame Trump for everything and not give Trump credit for anything. Make no mistake, the expedited roll out of the Covid-19 vaccine was due to Trump’s implementation of Warp Speed, Biden had nothing to do with it.

Biden stopped the construction of the wall along the Mexican border, in spite of the fact most of the material was there and the United States was financially committed to the contractors.

Biden and his vice president are trying to push America to a socialist society. Let’s dummy down everybody, take away the incentive to excel in life and work and pay people to sit home and have more kids. Don’t be fooled, Socialism is a step towards Marxism and Communism. Wake up America or you will not recognize America in the future.

Michael Kochmanski


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