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Letter: Biden infrastructure bills seek to help middle class

Letter: Biden infrastructure bills seek to help middle class

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Those who think that the Biden infrastructure bills are somehow “left wing” and too “expensive” need to take a look at the facts. For the first time in decades an administration wants to pass a bill to benefit the “middle class.”

If you have a daughter or wife who wants to work but can’t because of the cost of child care, or if you have a child who wants to go to college but finds it too expensive, or if you are a senior and pay unaffordable pharmaceutical bills and can’t afford dental, visual or hearing care, or if you worry about the future for your children and grandchildren as “climate change” assaults the earth, these bills want to change all of that. This is the only advanced country in the world that doesn’t cover these issues and also cannot negotiate drug prices. Are all of those countries “left wing?”

And the TV commercials that claim that these bills will be paid for by “middle class” taxes are blatantly false. One third of all corporations like Amazon pay no taxes! The financing for these “middle class relief bills” will fall upon those corporations and those making over $400,000.00 per year and who make extremely large profits in the stock market.

No one complained when the previous administration passed the $2 trillion tax cut and gave us the largest deficit in U.S. history. And 83% of the cut went to the top 1% of taxpayers. It was supposed to “trickle down” to the middle class. Unfortunately most of it went into the stock market and into executive bonuses. But 85% of the stock market is controlled by our top 10% so the majority of the middle class never saw the benefit of this “boondoggle.” Was that bill “too expensive” or too “right wing?”

John Kowalski


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