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Letter: Attempts to secure votes end up putting nation at risk

Letter: Attempts to secure votes end up putting nation at risk

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Two items being discussed by legislators are federal reparations and a fourth round of stimulus checks before midterm elections.

Anyone with reasonable intelligence should see these for what they really are – politically motivated bribes to secure votes by politicians desperate to retain power.

Neither are well thought out in terms of how these perks will be funded, or what the ramifications are for future dealings with special interest groups bent on extorting the government for free money. Recent budget cuts to the military suggest that politics is more important than national security.

One side effect that legislators are only now learning is that extended benefits of any kind, including $300 a week to help cover lost payroll, are preventing some people from returning to work creating a dependency that will be difficult for the government to wean them from. We can already see how a shortage of computer chips has affected the auto industry.

The lack of bipartisan support only demonstrates that the divide is growing between Republicans and Democrats on any legislation involving federal spending including the military. A message our adversaries are quick to pick up on as evidenced by recent incursions in the south China Sea by China, and Iranian warships prowling the Atlantic and harassing snips navigating the oil-rich Middle East waters.

We expect more from government when it comes to bipartisan co-operation. With both sides locked in a power struggle and the GOP virtually on the ropes for its survival, it does not take much imagination to see how foreign governments see an opportunity to push the president to see how much they can get away with. If we are to survive as a nation, we must start working together or become a victim of our adversaries.

Charles Carter


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