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Letter: Actions of Abbot and DeSantis were cruel and inhumane

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Well, once again the the Christian Right governors of the great states of Texas and Florida have tried to “own the Libs” with their callous and mean-spirited treatment of migrants . They thought that their little stunt (at the expense of the American taxpayers) would please the MAGA crowd and their base.

Gov. DeSantis of Florida and Gov. Abbot of Texas sent these poor mislead individuals to targeted locations in blue states with lies about getting jobs and finding shelter. basically, they abandoned them, sending them to where the “rich and Famous” go for R&R, figuring that they would be rejected and sent back to where they came from. But guess what!

The migrants were welcomed with benevolence, open arms and respect. They were fed and given shelter, rather then rounded up, put in cages and separated from their families as some other so-called Christians have done in the past. This goes to prove that we are still a society that cares for our fellow man and still follows the teachings of Jesus from Matthew:25.

We must prove to these fake Christians like Abbott and DeSantis that we will not tolerate behavior characterized by inhumanity and bigotry. And we must prove it by voting these individuals out of offices of power and ridding us of their hatred and disgusting behavior towards their fellow man.

Bill Mindel

West Seneca

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