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The Editorial Board: It seems to us – The cost of shoplifting; the perils of not vaccinating the kids; and bad smuggling

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A Wegmans worker stocks bananas in this file photo. The store has discontinued its shopping app because of excessive shoplifting.

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Attention food shoppers: Stop stealing.

Wegmans didn’t put it that way in discontinuing its popular grocery-buying app, but that’s what it amounted to.

The store’s SCAN App allows shoppers to scan and bag purchases as they move through the store, saving checkout time and hassles. But it has found that too many people use the privilege to shoplift their food. Thievery is a risk in any retail environment, of course, but rising inflation in food prices may have helped drive it even higher.

In any case, the app will be a thing of the past come Sunday, to the consternation of many shoppers. Wegmans assured them it will look for “new digital solutions” to meet customer demand.

But the five-finger discounters among us ruined it for everyone. As News reporter Samantha Christmann archly put it this week: This is why we can’t have nice things.

Attention parents: The deadline for your children to have the required vaccinations for school is fast approaching. After Tuesday, students without the needed immunizations will not be able to attend school until they get them.

This is an important protection for all students, especially those with weakened immune systems. But around the country, including New York, a new brand of vaccine skepticism has caused many people to resist shots that, over the past decades, have made life safer for tens of millions of Americans. Who gets polio anymore? Measles was all but forgotten until some careless people stopped inoculating their children. In some places, it has come roaring back. As many people do not know, the disease can be fatal.

Be smart and be loving – to your kids and other people’s. Immunize your children.

Attention drug smugglers: Stay away from the airport in Milan, Italy. There, a drug-sniffing dog picked up the scent of cocaine stuffed into the leather upholstery of a motorized wheelchair. If that wasn’t enough evidence of wrongdoing, police say the occupant of the wheelchair was arrested when he immediately stood up. Dumb.

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