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    Everyone in Western New York appreciates all the purchases and improvements that Doug Jemal has brought to our area, but let’s go one better. The Buffalo Bills are one of the top teams in the NFL and the Sabres are on the way up, so wouldn’t it be nice if Jemal could bring an NBA or MLB team…

    There is so much news to draw attention to: the wrongful demolition of the Great Northern, the change in format of the Buffalo News, the misuse of the term “mafia’ by ignorantly using this criminal connotation with our wonderful Bills team, and anything Trump related, and I could go on.

    Ron DeSantis used vulnerable and destitute Venezuelans who arrived in the U.S. fleeing the deprived and unlivable conditions of their despotic controlled homeland. Using lies and broken promises, he transported them with a blurred pledge of safety to Martha’s Vineyard. That malicious stunt w…

    As the mid-term election nears, the contest in the new 23rd Congressional District seems more and more important. The heavily Republican make-up of the district would lead one to believe that the GOP candidate should have smooth sailing to victory. But is that what the country really needs r…


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