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Look up how much your physician received in Medicare reimbursements in 2012. Or search for the results by medical specialty or type of medical procedure. Click the "Details" link on the results page for more information about total reimbursements, the number of times each physician performed a procedure and number of patients.

The searchable database includes more than 3,000 physicians and other health care providers in Western New York.

A Buffalo News analysis shows the biggest share of 2012 Medicare payments in the region went to internists, the front-line doctors for many patients, but a handful of radiation oncologists and ophthalmologists individually ranked as the most highly reimbursed doctors here.

The most common service Medicare paid for in the region was the office visit. The roughly 660,000 office visits for new and returning patients in 2012 cost the federal health program for the elderly more than $35 million.

As a group, internists were paid $25.3 million, more than any other type of medical provider, followed by ophthalmologists and family practitioners.