4 fantastic floor coverings for your patio

4 fantastic floor coverings for your patio

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Great flooring isn’t just for indoors. These fantastic outdoor flooring options will make your patio as stylish as the inside of your home, just in time for summer barbecues.

1) Wood Tiles

Wood tiles are a great outdoor flooring option. They’re durable, and they pair well with a number of styles, from sophisticated minimalism to rustic. They’re also great for families with young children, since they’re much softer than stone or concrete patios. These solid teak tiles are a breeze to install on your own, since each one simply locks into place.

Bare Décor Solid Teak Interlocking Floor Tiles (Pack of 10) available from Amazon

2) Faux Stone

If you have a concrete patio, you don’t need a major renovation to get a Venetian stone patio. These stone deck tiles snap together for easy do-it-yourself installation, and give you the look and feel of natural stone without breaking the bank.

Garden Winds Venetian Stone Deck Tiles (Box of 10) available from Amazon

3) Safety Rubber Tiles

If your child has had more than one skinned knee after a fall on the patio, these brick-look safety rubber tiles are the perfect solution. The anti-slip design keeps everyone upright, even in rainy weather, and the soft surface prevents injuries.

RevTime 6 Pack Dual-side Safety Rubber Tile available from Amazon

4) Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs add a decorative touch to your patio, and make the space feel warm for all those late-night cook outs. They’re also much more affordable than indoor rugs, so you can swap rugs when the mood strikes.

Mad Mats Turkish Indoor/Outdoor Floor Mat available from Amazon

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