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Fresh is Best: Farm to Table of the Midwest

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Farm to Table
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What better way to spend a breezy, fall afternoon than sharing a table full of locally grown food? From artisan cheeses to hearty root vegetables – many farmers are working to bring fresh products straight to your plate. The farm-to-table movement lets you enjoy the rich fruits of the land around you while keeping goats, chickens and cows happy and healthy. Making good use of the Midwest’s vast plains and rolling hills sustains our communities and allows you to taste the flavor of a Missouri-grown tomato or the richness of a Chambourcin pour.

From the vineyards of the Ozarks to the fine dining of our cities, chefs and farms across the region are working diligently to put the highest-quality, fresh ingredients on your table. These local restaurants and purveyors are dedicated to serving the best farm-to-table ingredients the Midwest has to offer.



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