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Skin alert: Winter's coming to WNY

Skin alert: Winter's coming to WNY

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Cold weather wreaks havoc on the skin. We asked a few WNYers who spend quite a bit of time outdoors – or with their hands in water – to share some of their skincare strategies as well as the products they depend on.

Here are their edited responses.

Lizzy Dugan, owner of Salon Elizabeth, Elma. Professional hair and makeup artist specializing in bridal beauty.

For my face, I use Beauty Organix Clarifying Serum (created in East Aurora by Beauty Organix). It provides enough moisture without being too greasy. I love it for its natural ingredients.

It is considered a moisture “serum” and not a lotion or cream. Often many think a heavy cream is needed to moisturize but often these creams are too heavy to absorb into the skin and eventually result in clogging.

Jasmine + Charcoal Sugar Scrub from Buck Naked Soap Company is my daily for the body in the shower. It moisturizes, removes dry dead skin and cleanses – and the smell is spectacular!

At the salon we recommend clients use extra moisturizer around their hairline prior to color to avoid hair color to absorb into the skin during the winter months. We often also apply a Vaseline-type product around the hairline if needed.

Daily at work – with my hands in water, working with products and chemicals and folding towels – my hands can easily become chapped or dehydrated.

Aveda Hand Relief not only creates a protective barrier on my hands but also adds moisture. This will last me through a few shampoos. It almost creates a “glove-like” barrier.

And an occasional “hand dip” in the paraffin is always a nice treat!

For dry hair in the winter, a leave-in conditioner is a must to prevent static and create a protective coating from cold and wind.

Dugan also noted that her husband, Mike Dugan  – who owns Specialized Tree Service in Elma and spends a lot of time outdoors  – uses Silver Biotics Silver Gel.

It is his go-to product for pretty much everything –  wind burn, poison ivy, sunburn, cuts and cracked skin in the winter months, she said.

Jane Eshbaugh, director of marketing, Holiday Valley Resort, Ellicottville

I can’t say I’m much of a skincare expert – love the outdoors and it shows – but I do know about keeping your face warm while skiing during a polar vortex!

I read somewhere that Inuit used whale blubber on their skin to keep them warm. Anything with water in it will chill your exposed skin, but an oil-based lotion will help protect you from super cold air.

When I’m going skiing in subzero temps I use Dermatone. It comes in a small tin that you can put in your parka pocket (and share with others!). We sell it here in our Mountain Shop. It does have a sunscreen in it as well, and it smells really good too!

Of course covering your face with a Buff helps too!

I use Gold Bond lotion on my arms, legs and feet after a shower, but we water it down a bit to make it a little easier to apply. It seems like it forms a protective layer to keep in the moisture.

My favorite lip balm is Mentholatum Natural Ice.  It is the right amount of softness so it applies easily but doesn’t wear off too quickly, and it also has sunscreen in it.

(Mentholatum is headquartered in Orchard Park.)

Greg Link, ceramic artist, Cone Five Gallery, Hertel Avenue

Keeping my hands from splitting open during the cold weather months is a challenge for me with my hands being in water for five to six hours a day.

I always start the day with O'Keeffe's Working Hands or Bloody Knuckles by Duke Cannon which can both be found at a local drugstore.

If my hands are really bad and cracking open, I apply the O'Keeffe's at night and sleep with cotton gloves. That typically does the trick.

For my face I use Lab Series Daily Moisture Defense Lotion SPF 15 twice daily.

(Looking for skincare tips? In addition to talking to your own dermatologist, the American Academy of Dermatology is one online resource that provides skincare information on a wide range of subjects, including  top tips for relieving dry skin.)


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