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Eric Cortellessa


WASHINGTON – Joel Markowitz convened a conference call in March with his five brothers. Only one of them, Bruce, knew why. Joel had been diagnosed with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, a degenerative neurological disease with no cure. After soberly informing them all of his illness, he let it be known that he wouldn’t, in the face of a cruel fate, abandon his wr…

Food and Drink

WASHINGTON – For the last 28 years, there has been an enduring mantra for a crowd of Buffalo expatriates living in and around the nation’s capital: If it’s Sunday, it’s Grevey’s. That line, of course, comes from the late Tim Russert, a South Buffalo native who, as the host of NBC’s Sunday morning show, would end each broadcast by signing off, “If it’s Sunday, it’s Meet …