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A Sportswoman's Tale: Hamburg teen gets her first bird during Youth Weekend

By Samantha Beres, Hamburg

I will never forget my first time turkey hunting. It was April 25. I woke up at 4:30 a.m. My dad and I drove to Brant. When we got there, we got dressed and started the 10-minute walk to the blind.

Once we got settled, the wait began. I did not expect to hear anything, but within 10 minutes we started hearing the gobbling. The gobbling started to get louder and louder, so we started to call. Then my nerves started to kick in. I started to shake. All I could hear was the turkey. I sat there still, and I felt like I was frozen. I kept looking around for the turkey. Then there was a moment of silence. I thought that the turkey was gone.

The gobbling started again. I peeked down for a minute, and then I looked up and here it came. The turkey was walking slowly in full strut and was walking right toward me. Waiting for the turkey to come close enough to shoot took forever. It was 50 feet away. Then, 45 feet. I put the gun to my shoulder. The turkey was now 25 feet in front of me. I aimed my gun and took a deep breath. I pointed the gun right at the turkey’s neck. I fired, and then I froze for a moment.

The turkey went down, and my adrenaline went up. I jumped out of the blind and ran to the bird. I was speechless. I was so excited that I got the turkey. The cold walk to the blind was long, but it felt short even with the heavy bird on my shoulder.

Once we got back, we took some pictures. It was 6:15 a.m. I shot my turkey at 6:05. I expected to stay until at least 10. But instead I was back home at 7:30.

Fifteen-year-old Samantha Beres of Hamburg with a huge 23-plus-pound gobbler she scored with during the youth turkey hunt weekend. (Photo courtesy Dave Beres)

Then came time to weigh the turkey. I knew the turkey was going to be big, but I did not expect it to be this big. We tied the feet and put it on the scale. It was 23.6 pounds. Then we took a tape measure and measured the beard; it was 10 inches. We measured the spurs, and they were 1½ inches. I could not believe it.

I couldn't wait to share the news with the rest of my family. The turkey that I had taken was the biggest turkey in my family. I was still in shock that I got a turkey and could not believe that it was the biggest in my family. I was so happy.

The turkey that I got was even more special to me because of the gun that I used. The day before I went hunting, my grandmother gave me her gun that she has always used. She said the gun had always brought her luck and hopefully it would bring me luck. Boy, was she right.

Not even a week later, our good friend went to the same spot with his hand-me-down gun and got a turkey. I guess hand-me-down guns work the best.

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