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Letter: Nation needs leadership, not sideline cheerleading

I have been watching President Trump’s daily Covid-19 updates regularly and have been thoroughly disappointed with his response to this pandemic. I usually have to sit through his babbling of disinformation and lies until he turns the podium over to the experts such as Dr. Anthony Fauci who provide a decent level of honesty and facts.

Trump’s denial and inattentiveness to the pandemic early on has left this country far behind others and that is one of the reasons why we lead the world in both confirmed cases and deaths. Usually Trump would brag about number one rankings, but the confirmed cases and deaths are not anything to brag about so he gladly blames others for these statistics.

He refers to himself as a cheerleader for the country in this crisis and I conjure up a vision of him in sneakers, a letter sweater and possibly a pleated skirt. Not a pretty site but one that fits given his actions as president in charge of the crisis. And in keeping with the sports analogy, what this country needs is a general manager of the team and not a cheerleader. Any sports fan, or for that matter any sane person, would surely know you don’t send a cheerleader into the game when it’s crunch time.

Gerald Scott


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