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Tonawanda supervisor tests positive for Covid-19 again

Town of Tonawanda Supervisor Joseph H. Emminger’s battle with the Covid-19 virus is not over yet.

On Friday – 12 days after doctors told him he was free of symptoms of Covid-19 – Emminger found out that he has again tested positive for the virus.

“For my peace of mind, and my wife’s, I took a test on Wednesday, just to make sure I was rid of it, but the test came back positive again,” Emminger, 60, told The Buffalo News Friday afternoon. “This virus must really love me. It won’t leave.”

At his doctor’s direction, Emminger said he will be going back into isolation for another seven to 10 days.

He was first diagnosed with the virus on April 13. Emminger said he often feared for his life during a brutal fight with the virus over the next two weeks. He said he suffered with fever, nausea and extreme weakness during that time.

But after a period of improvement, he was declared symptom-free on April 26.

“I still stayed at home for most of the next 10 days after that,” Emminger said. “I did go out in public once, wearing a mask. I didn’t come into contact with anyone.”

Speaking to a News reporter in a raspy voice, Emminger said he still has a cough and feels weaker than usual, but nowhere near as sick as he felt during his worst days with Covid-19.

He said his doctor told him Friday that his current infection is "a remnant of the case I already had, not a new case."

He said he cut his back lawn on Tuesday. “It took me two hours, something that normally takes 20 to 25 minutes. I had to keep stopping to rest,” he said. "This illness takes a lot out of you."

“It really bothers me that I’ve tested positive again,” Emminger said. “I’m going to be very careful. I have a friend whose daughter has been fighting this virus for five or six weeks. There are still a lot of things we don’t know about Covid-19.”

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