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Letter: Trump’s lack of leadership magnifies our nation’s fears

Franklin Roosevelt said “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” The coronavirus attack has shown how we stand up to our fears. It is at times like this, when we are faced with our most dreadful fears, that we show our true character. Over and over again during this crisis the citizens of our country have risen to overcome their fears and stand up against this disease. We have faced our greatest fears, challenged them and prevailed.

But also at a time like this we needed leadership to help us face these fears. While the first responders and doctors and nurses faced the fear of the virus our leadership failed us. We were fed a litany of lies and untruths all for expediency of an election. We have been told that testing is rampant, everyone who needs a test can get one. Not true.

We have tested more people than any other country, not true.

Over and over we have been made to listen to this spin on a daily basis. The courageous people of the country have stood up to their fears and will win this fight. But now the only thing we to fear is President Trump himself. This tyranny lies must end and all our fears will die with it.

Jim Banko


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