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Letter: President’s critics shrink from ‘wartime’ obligations

The coronavirus pandemic is aptly demonstrating into which groups citizens fall and how they react during a war.

The front-line troops are the doctors, nurses, various hospital staff and paramedics manning the ambulances. They face down illness and death as they tirelessly do their duty, stay true to their oaths, and demonstrate a heroic disregard for their own personal safety.

The support troops are those just behind the front lines who nonetheless are responsible for the logistics and vital to the war effort. They are truck drivers delivering medical devices and food, volunteers everywhere, police officers staying on the streets as their numbers dwindle through infection, and supermarket employees. All continue to man their posts with a brave disregard of social distancing.

Finally, we have those safely ensconced outside the battle. They bravely man their posts on social media, television talk shows, various letter-writing and comment forums, newspaper opinion columns, and the White House press room. Their contribution to the fight is criticism, second-guessing and snark. Desperate to use the virus to their political advantage, they are now attempting to plant as uncontested dogma the absurd notion that President Trump was late and criminally negligent in the government’s pandemic response, and therefore personally responsible for thousands of citizen deaths.

They castigate their own country’s leader doing his best to fight a war not of his making or choosing against a public health enemy never seen before, and do it in the middle of the battle. It’s toxic, pathetic and shameful.

We can confidently rely on the first two groups to soldier on. But the last group should simply go back to their foxhole and cover up. Donald Trump, or their local supermarket cashier, will tell them when its safe to come out again.

Gary Brignone


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