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Laugh the days away with these Netflix comedy specials

Eighteen months from now, we will probably be bombarded with stand-up comedy specials about the Covid-19 era. While there’s nothing right now that speaks to the moment we’re in, the good news is that there’s a ton of comedy on Netflix that will help us laugh.

Here are a handful of stand-up specials I would recommend to stream on Netflix. All of these comedians use strong language with raunchy and provocative routines. Check your virtue at the door, prepare your snacks and settle in on your couch with a two-drink minimum.

Marc Maron: End Times Fun.” All things considered, it’s a great time to turn to the new Marc Maron special. The veteran comedian and host of the popular podcast “WTF,” talks us through the malaise of the modern social dystopia. From our acceptance of environmental disasters to the religious fervor of Marvel movie fans, Maron is our guide in walking through this uniquely American era.

• • •

Kid Gorgeous," John Mulaney. One of comedy’s youngest new stars is John Mulaney, and this 2018 special is a hilarious delight. Mulaney has an energy and cadence that’s well in line with the witty leads of a 1940s screwball comedy. “Kid Gorgeous” delivers engagingly funny bits about school assemblies, the value of college and America’s “loose horse in the hospital.” See the trailer here.

• • •

"Hard Knock Wife," Ali Wong. Ali Wong had a breakthrough Netflix 2016 special with “Baby Cobra.” She returned in this 2018 special, following the birth of her first child. “Hard Knock Wife” has Wong ruminating on motherhood and marriage, while also dealing with the sudden rise of fame following “Baby Cobra.” It’s sharp, daring and funny.

• • •

 “Joke Show," Michelle Wolf. Wolf made headlines a couple of years ago after roasting the attendees of the White House Correspondents Dinner. Wolf’s 2019 special avoids the politics, but she remains unconcerned about holding back. Bits on woke society, feminism and the mythology of the male anatomy span the hour, as Wolf crafts well-tailored routines designed for shock and laughter.

• • •

“Bangin,’ ” Nikki Glaser. Glaser opens this special by immediately talking about her first impressions of oral sex, and it only gets dirtier from there. Glaser is consistently confident and open about her sexuality, and the result is a strong hour about the current state of feminine desire. She’s frank about her own sex education and experiences, while also acknowledging how she’s changed her approach once she committed to sobriety.

• • •

Tom Segura: Ball Hog.” The title stems from an unmentionable-for-a-newspaper bit, but that’s Segura’s type of comedy: expressing wandering, funny thoughts that few would ever say out loud. Segura is unafraid of taking audiences on a ride and will be happy to kiss you on the forehead if you don’t like it.

• • •

“Irresponsible," Kevin Hart. He's one of comedy’s biggest superstars at the moment, and just like several comics on this list, Hart opens his 2019 special with sex jokes. As he moves to riff on marriage, game nights and great babies, Hart brings high energy physicality and charisma to his delivery that accentuates his story-driven routine. Hart has more than a half-dozen specials on Netflix, so there’s plenty more to binge if you’re digging the vibe.

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