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Letter: Voters must decide whether to continue

In spite of swearing an oath to uphold the Constitution, our head of state acts as though this living document is a meaningless relic, rather than the bedrock of our country’s laws, traditions and civil rights.

Our president insists on being surrounded by loyalists, rather than experienced leaders, and has installed a cadre of acting officials in order to circumvent the Senate confirmation process.

Our head of state has been more wrecking ball than unifier, more concerned with appearance than substance, more likely to listen to sycophantic voices on television than experienced generals; diplomats and non-partisan, career government employees.

Our president rushes from crisis to crisis, many of his own making, tweeting so-called policies, ending careers and wreaking havoc on this land, without regard for either co-equal branch of government, except as a means to his own ends.

As November nears and our head of state spends more time campaigning than governing, voters will weigh their options. Can our country survive another term of tweets and bullying and ignorance, or will we choose a president who respects the Constitution, a living and still meaningful document which forms the basis of our unique brand of democracy?

Kathleen Geib

East Amherst

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