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Letter: Selflessness, compassion ‘make America great again’

Unfortunately, the number of Americans from the “greatest generation” who served in World War II, or those who lived through it, are dwindling. Some of us have heard stories about rationing (gasoline, butter, nylons, etc.) as these items were diverted to the war effort. Trade was disrupted, many people couldn’t get shoes, and many had to take public transportation.

And of course, the greatest sacrifice was a family member or friend joining the military, some of whom never came home.

Life was a matter of shared sacrifice and it was all accepted in the name of patriotism.

In 2020 the United States has a new and ominous enemy, Covid-19.

Will Americans today come together for the greater good and show the same resolve, selflessness and sacrifice to beat this new enemy? This truly would “make America great again.”

Rosanne Steinmetz

Orchard Park

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