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Letter: Falsehoods, misinformation hurt during health crisis

As the stock market plummets almost 2,000 points at opening bell and coronavirus cases increase rapidly, I wonder if President Trump will stop pretending that he has this financial and health crisis under control and stop rage tweeting about it. The answer appears not very likely.

This president absolutely never takes any accountability for anything going badly and is always looking to blame someone else. His “self-described” perfect handling of the coronavirus crisis and the financial impact on the stock market is no exception.

In the last couple weeks he has described it as a hoax created by the Democrats, blamed the stock market slump on the Democratic presidential candidates, falsely blamed Barack Obama for testing procedures when testing was not available where needed, and misled the public about a vaccine becoming available in a couple of months even though his medical experts continually dispute this.

At a recent Centers for Disease Control press conference he wore one of his trademark campaign hats and boasted about his medical expertise on the virus, bragged about his ratings at a town hall on Fox and stated that anyone who needs a test can get one even though Vice President Mike Pence had already stated that they can’t keep up with the demand.

So while worried Americans are scrambling trying to find hand sanitizers our fearless leader spends his weekend at Mar-a-Lago fund raising for his reelection and golfing.

While the travel industry faces mounting challenges, he unbelievably tweets out fake news for the stock market meltdown and adds great news for consumers with lower gas prices.

I await his Republican allies and enablers to sound the alarm and take their heads out of the sand, but I’m not too optimistic.

Russell Dye

East Amherst

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