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Letter: Trump’s lies endanger those who believe him

Canadian reporter Daniel Dale has written for the Toronto Star, CNN, Politico and the Washington Post. When he began fact-checking Donald Trump he listed only a few hundred lies, but today, three years later the list of lies is over 16,000 and growing. Dale tweeted: “The White House line that the coronavirus has been “contained” is almost too obviously inaccurate to fact check…”

Trump’s latest lies might end up killing people. Trump claims that many people go to work with the virus, and that the Covid-19 virus is less deadly than the flu. He says he bases this on a “hunch.” He said that his mastery of epidemiology comes as a natural talent and that maybe he should have gone into medicine instead of being President.

The Secretary of Homeland Security stood next to Trump and announced there is a shortage of testing kits. Trump interrupted him to say there is no shortage of test kits, that anyone can be tested anywhere. He repeated that three times. Later Vice President Mike Pence confirmed that there is a severe shortage of test kits.

Medical professionals say that the mortality rate for Covid-19 virus is much higher than the flu. You cannot know how widespread a virus is unless you can test for it.

If your doctor or accountant lied to you 10 times per day, you would fire him immediately, right? But then no professional would tell you obvious lies, would they?

Maybe it’s fun to be delusional and believe that you are omniscient and the smartest guy in every room. But I suspect these are just more lies from the liar-in-chief. The difference here is that these lies might kill anyone who believes them.

My point is, 1) Don’t listen to him, and 2) Vote blue no matter who.

Bob Catalano


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