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Letter: Trump’s comments serve his own agenda, not citizens

Some recent letters have praised Donald Trump for his promoting policies which have greatly enriched our country and for “putting America first!” His actions recently have seriously endangered the wellbeing of all our citizens and shown once again that he only cares about himself and his reputation.

He has tried to “spin” the impending coronavirus crisis by lying about some things – he has stated, “anyone can get tested,” … “they’re there. … they’re there. They have the tests. And the tests are beautiful.” Not true; and, test kits “beautiful?” He has contradicted some Centers for Disease Control experts on the possible spread etc. of the virus, and has, of course, tried to “blame” someone (the Democrats) for the lack of enough testing kits.

He has had a “hunch” that the numbers of victims is not going to be as high as experts are predicting – do you feel confident about his hunch? He also stated that “he wanted to keep the numbers low,” so he hoped that the cruise ship, moored off the coast of California, would not let its passengers disembark. I don’t think he can personally “keep the numbers low,” do you?

These actions and statements only reinforce how unfit he is to be our president; the “leader” of the so called “free world.” His complete politicizing of this serious matter, and his lying about undisputed facts and statements from health experts surely must give pause to even his most ardent supporters. I hope that most voters will agree that this “lie, contradict, blame and have a hunch (but no serious knowledge of)” reckless style of leadership is inappropriate and unacceptable.

Larry Gustina


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